Sunday, 15 April 2018

A break away

Well Guys ,

How have you been ?

 I know I've been quiet on the blogging front for a bit ,sometimes life just gets in the way and the other half we are just boring sitting in watching telly haha.
March was a quiet month I attended the Fabulous Nima brush event , Niamh is celebrating 5 years which is amazing in the industry , Big congrats to her.

April has started with a bang , I have moved job , I also won 'Couple of the Year' with my Mother in slimming world was over the moon , and also I am just home from a lovely relaxing trip to Edinburgh .

Edinburgh is a lovely heart warming city very similar to Dublin , the people are lovely , the food is to die for and the traffic is mental :) .
                          We stayed in the Fab Indigo hotel on York street , its located about 20mins away from the airport in a taxi or 40 minutes on the local tram .This hotel is so unique in its style and staff it made the stay extra special . It has a quirky yet modern vibe and each employee was just as lovely as the last especially Iiminia ( Apologies if you name is spelt wrong )  who made our stay very comfortable from start to finish ,I highly recommend this hotel for any one travelling to Edinburgh along with its amazing staff it's rooms are drop dead gorgeous , each equipped with a bathroom , telly , aircon , hair dryer , iron and free Wifi , you can't go wrong with the rooms each with there own personality we stayed in a 'Blue room " as I am calling it the bed was so comfy and the shower you could just stay in for hours , it truly was a lovely stay and I know where I'd be going back to all in all a 5 star experience .

When we managed to pluck ourselves from the warm cosy bed (get your minds out of the gutter ) we ventured out into Edinburgh square were we were in the hustle and bustle of the town , we came across Scott's Monument a huge feature in the middle of town that is just eye catching , along with that came the local Museum and science fair which had all the kiddies interested .

The main focus for us was Edinburgh castle standing alone on the hillside it is a striking view and the cobble stone walk towards really gives a feel of what it was like many years ago.
You can enter as far as the courtyard free of charge but to avail of the whole grounds it is 18 pounds and 50 pence a little steep but honestly worth it , you can get audio tours or guides or just saunter around yourself , it is full of coffee shops , gift stores and a whiskey shop where you can learn all different facts about there love for whiskey .

Also along the trail you get to witness prison cells , food halls , hanging quarters and the grand hall and the pet cemetery  all in all you get to learn so much about Scotland's history and just looking at the beautiful scenery alone is worth the money , Anyone thinking of going to Edinburgh really should consider the Castle its a day trip of it's own .

Also while we were there I was eager to get all the Harry potter things in that I could as J.K Rowling was inspired a lot by the buildings there and I can see why ,Sadly I didn't get to do the Harry potter escape room but I got to go to Diagon house which is an entire shop dedicated to Harry potter and everything related it gave me a real feel of what Diagon alley must be like , the stuff they have in store are real collectors items and even to see them is beautiful , I purchased a few charms to remember the fab experience and to with that on the same street the had the owl Habitat who where raising funds for the upkeep of the owls so it went nicely hand in hand , if you have any interest in Harry potter then its definitely a shop to visit located on Victoria street its a rare find .

Along with the square comes the shopping it is filled with River island , Zara , Primark off course and lots more , the pubs are lovely and similar to home all quite close together you wouldn't get lost doing a pub crawl anyways so if it's a shopping spree or a hen weekend Edinburgh can tickle any fancy .

Lastly the food is amazing and although there big on here fish dishes they cater to all , there fab sandwich filled menu from Conans or you can get any pie known to man or for  a lovely breakfast from Lloyd's no.1 bar located in the Omni shopping centre (yes they have one too )

Overall Edinburgh was a delightful Experience and I would certainly go back in a heartbeat the flight is only 40 minutes across the pond so it's a winner all round

Cheers for reading guys , let me know if you have been ?

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Have a smashing week Mwahhhhh


Friday, 2 February 2018

January Favourites

Hey guys ,:)

Long time no talk ,hope everyone is well can you believe we are one month down in 2018 already , it's scary it will be December before we know it :P.

So I said I would jump back into the swing of things with a simple Favourite's post as I always get asked about certain products .

So here we go

1.Schwarzkopf got2b glued spray 300ml

If like me no product can hold curls in your hair  then you haven't tried this bad boy ,OMG now you do need to wash your hair after using it , but it will definitely hold your hairstyle in place, its spray nozzle helps you to accurately get the product where it's needed  .It is a little bit pricey retailing at €6 a bottle but honestly it is worth it , I get mine in Boots and its yellow vibrancy helps it stand out I give this 4/5 rating its so good .


got2b glues hairspray held my hair for this whole event 

2.Bbold 200ml Tan Liquid

Anyone who follows me will know I swear by his tan ,It turns out so natural and has no smell and dries rapidly which is an added bonus for us all , €9.95 a bottle I get roughly a month out of a full bottle that is with maybe doing two applications some days depending on what I'm doing or how "dark " I want to be . The Bbold tan comes in a lotion form and in a medium coverage if you just like a glow and not to be Mahog like me :) . I find it best applied with a mitt for your body and a make up brush for feet and hands just to ensure an even finish ,I give this 5/5 rating I love this tan .


Bbold liquid tan in dark 

3.Aussie miracle recharge colour conditioning spray 250ml

The change in weather we really need to look after our hair and skin especially ,so I have been using this leave in conditioner to just keep my hair hydrated and it can be quite brittle during the cold months . Its expensive enough at €7 a bottle but it last a life time I only use a few sprays just in the ends of my hair and the front part at my scalp . It's also specifically tailored for coloured hair so won'
t strip any colour out and will lock in the moisture needed to rescue your hair .I normally pick mine up in Hickey's pharmacy or Boots , the only downfall is  with products like this I wish they  came in bigger bottles lie 500ml or so , I give this product a 4.5/5 as it does it's job .


4.Freedom pro-studio Fixing spray 100ml

This setting spray is worth every penny , especially if they have oily skin like me it has an anti shine in it which keeps the oily face look at bay . Its approx €12 a bottle and I simply  just spritz my face with this when I'm finished my make up or a client and it also leaves the face feeling refreshed after loading it with product so it just seals in all the moisture for the skin so it can breathe .I give this a 5/5 rating as its the only setting spray  that has worked on oily skin so great job freedom


5. Rimmel Match perfection 30ml foundation & Sleek Barekissed illuminator 30ml

We all know I rant and rave about this combo all the time on snap chat but it's just one of those things that works so if it ain't broke in all that jazz. I have been using This foundation for a good 5/6 years now and people are always shocked when I say Rimmel as they expected it to be mad expensive , I love Inglot HD foundation but for everyday wear this one is just a beauty and at €10.70 a bottle its a fraction of what we pay for high end brands . Shade 400 is my colour as I wear a lot of tan so it blends nicely and its consistency is just lovely , I love the glow that the illuminator leaves on the skin
I wear Cuba its a gorgeous peachy tone and  leaves you with that subtle glow it retails at roughly €11 but  I adore this combination I give it a 5/5 .


There are also some honourable mentions

For any contact lens wearers these eye drops are so good for reviving tired sore eyes , I get both in boots and there handy to just keep he eye refreshed as anyone who wears contacts knows how sore your eyes can get after a long day


Soap & glory I'm a huge fan and love the smell of there products but this Righteous butter leaves the skin so soft and gentle plus you only need to use  the smallest amount so it last longer and the packaging is pretty .

Lastly Nivea always smells Divine but this shower creme is so rich and hydrating it really lathers into the skin leaving no irritation  to the skin plus the smell of cherry blossom is very pleasant .


Cheers for reading guys ,

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Have a great weekend everyone

MWAH xxx

Sunday, 19 November 2017

My First Pageant : An experience to remember

Well guys ,

 I know it's been a while but just been a busy bee and wanted to put a lot of effort into this blog so it reflects how good my first pageant experience was and how it pushed me to do things out side my limits and how it can pay off in your favour .

 Ashleigh was the director of the pageant  she is  so young and inspiring her fashion is to die for  and really put her heart into making this competition one to remember , she motivated us in ways she doesn't even know and I can't wait to see what she does next .

So after sharing my weight loss story , I wanted to push myself and learn to love my body , as some days I look in the mirror and still see my body the way it was 8 and a half stone ago .

On the 15 of September I ventured to Connolly station to board a train to Derry to compete in the "The Miss Intercontinental Ireland " competition , the butterflies in my belly were unreal and as I sat there I contemplated  just getting up and going home as I was out o my dept , but as the support came flooding in I got on the train and just told myself , "I can do this " .
As I travelled towards Derry through the beautiful county of Ireland I was practising my smiles and my answers to questions like a mad woman talking to myself , but it calmed my nerves so after three hours I got off at Belfast Central and waited to get the train to Derry , at this point standing there on my own I felt so scared and still thought about turning around going home , but I spoke to my Mam and as all mammies do she picked up my spirits and told me to soldier on and she's there with me .

So I reached my Hotel in Derry , I stayed in the Travelodge the staff and room were fabulous ,it had a nice and cozy feel which put me at ease .I gathered my thoughts on Friday and sorted my outfits out for the weekend and went to sleep not knowing what the nest day had in store .

Saturday arrived,  I got up put my gym gear on and headed to Corinthian Ballroom at the city hotel for orientation where the nerves were bubbling in my stomach , as I entered the room I  was greeted by smiles from a lovely group of ladies who were feeling the same .
We gathered with Russell who was going to put us through our paces with circuit training by god I thought I was fit but after a session with Russell I felt muscles I never knew I had after a two hour work out we all bonded and it was lovely to see a young group of ladies encourage each other as we got down to the wire with our planks and kettle bells , Pageant girls don't get enough credit there work outs are HARD , t he Gorgeous Emer won "beauty boot camp"

later that evening we all got dressed up and had  a lovely time at afternoon Tea where we had cakes, scones and tea to beat the band , we also did the fun catwalk were Alexandra won "Bubbly Beauty" for her sassy catwalk she was amazing .

Each of us had an interview later that day , my heart was in my mouth normally I'm grand with talking but when people ask you to describe yourself it can be very hard especially when you've only learnt to love your self so I entered the room To be greeted by Ashleigh Coyle the director of the competition , Michelle the sponsor and owner of She's fabulous Boutique and George Hutton PT and an Irish Tenor , so as I got asked tell us about yourself I explained to the panel why I was there to encourage people to push there boundaries and show them selves they don't have to settle and that you don;t have to fit in a particular little box to be a Pageant girl , I told them of how I started my own business and am just aiming to better myself which I feel they all could understand , I walked out of that interview with a new appreciation for myself knowing I am good enough .

This was my Interview outfit 

SOOOOO the day was here the Grand Final of " Miss Intercontinental Ireland " we showed up for rehearsals and Ashleigh coached us through the day and how it would unfold,

my natural shot 
 A t this point my knees were rattling as My stomach turned knowing I would have to wear A swimsuit on stage but I tried to keep my composure and put it to the back of my mind as being the biggest girl in the competition really had a big factor in my mind as I thought I am not skinny enough or pretty enough to do this but I knew for my own sake I had too .
 Only for Sarah Carr I potentially would have pulled out at this stage she sat with me calmed me down , and told me I'm here for a reason she watched my walk and we both  had melt downs and laughs as we went on , so Sarah to you I give  a special thank you as you really opened my eyes and showed that genuine people are still out there .
Sarah Carr a true beauty 
Fab even with no make- up 

Lights , Camera Action so were ready for the first walk the " little black dress number " all we had to do was walk out on stage and introduce ourselves sounds easy but your heart is pounding so fast you don't even remember what you said , got that one down the crowd were phenomenal and absolutely got behind me which gave me the pip in my step I needed

  But in the back of my mind I knew it was coming the DREADED swimsuit round as I popped it on and tied my sarong I was going back and fourth with the idea of do I take it off or leave it on , I thought I will never get this moment again so as I graced that catwalk a wave of emotion came over me and I wiped that thing of and the crowed went wild in my head I was thinking " Oh god my wobbly bits are on display " but guess what no one noticed

This photo still makes me cringe but I look at it and remember how I felt 
 I never felt so empowered and I had women of all ages and sizes come up to me after saying how proud they were and it meant everything to me to know that complete strangers are inspired by a small decision you make to change your life .

so last but not least came Evening wear ,  Debbi 's dress was outstanding Along with Arlene who is just a beautiful lady and that gown she had on won her" best dressed evening wear" well deserved .
so this round is a it more relaxed I kept practising the tear drop in my head( it's a shape you walk in) I glided down the catwalk to little Mix Acoustic version of Touch and again felt like I could do anything .
My dress is from Quiz 

The whole night went in to quick if you ask me , but as the judges deliberated  we were could back out for top 15 at this point I has rang home and said expect me home earlier I'm gone out now but to my surprise my name was called for top 15 so I was happy I didn't even expect to place some of the girls like Nadia and Jasmine gorgeous ladies full of class and handy tips were standing there right beside , so I was over the moon to even be considered on par with them , so again we went away only to be called back for top 9 and yet again low and behold my name was called at this point in utter shock I was thinking how did I even manage to get this far never having done a pageant in my life I just thought Sarah keep going .

So it got down to the nitty - gritty and we all had to answer a question Joelle spoke so lovely of her mother making us all emotional while Dearbhla wowed us all with her exceptional answer , so Ashleigh asked me  How would I try and change the Stigma attached to pageants ? , for a second I panicked and then I just said I am the prime example as after never competing before here I am in the top 9 with beauty queens and that as long as you have a message and a positive vibe I feel people will follow, so crossing everything I had hoped I had done my best so as we walked away a small part of me was in utter shock that little Aul me had come this far .

We all sat there with what felt like FOREVER till Hannah came in and said there ready , us 9 hugged and wish each other luck , we war all so proud .
one by one each name and title was called then Gerry says 2nd Runner up Miss intercontinental Ireland SARAH KENNY , my mind was blown the cheers I had a million emotions run through me as I greeted Ashleigh in pure shock to get my sash , I felt such validation in that moment that we can be different and stand out and people will notice for the right reasons .

The stunning Cara Hunter won" Miss Intercontinental Northern Ireland "and the Gorgeous Nadia Sayers won " Miss Intercontinental Ireland " these two wonderful women are so inspirational they volunteer and are so kind and bring real class to the pageants Ladies I wish you all the luck in Sri Lanka I know you'll make them other Countries work and do use proud .

So we all went through and  came out the other side and I am so ECSTATIC  I didn't get of the train that day because I had myself defeated before I even got there so morale of the story always believe in yourself as cheesy as it sounds some days you only have YOU .

Too Asheigh and Hannah Thank you for picking me to be apart of this great emotional journey it truly was life changing and has memories I will never forget , and too all the lovely ladies Alexandra , Arlene ,Cara ,  Ciara ,  Deabhla ,  Debi ,  Emer , Jasmin Y , Jasmine O ,Jessica , Jodie , Joelle , Lauren , Lisa , Lorna , Nadia , Sabina , Sarah , Shannan and Zara A big huge Hug and a massive thank you for making the whole weekend so comfortable and funny from start to finish but girlie's we need a reunion soon .

So guys I'll love you and leave this blog post here any questions send them on and as usual you can add me on

Photography courtsey:  Michael Bradley

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Mwah have a lovely week

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Nerja : a place to fall in love with .

Balcon de Europa 

Long time no chats it feels like guys , so I'm back from holidays the blues are kicking in so I said id sit down and write about my Brothers gorgeous wedding in a fabulous place called Nerja .There wedding took place on Friday 22nd of September

 , they used a great wedding planner called Sonia who carried out her duties so well on that day and had no one stressed out and kept us informed all the way to the very end  , so anyone wanting to plan a wedding away give Sonia a shout .

                                           Nerja is a popular coastal town situated about 60 kilo meters away from Malaga. If you have young kids it potentially isn't for you as there is not a lot catered for the young kiddies except Aqua land which is an hour Journey away in Torremolinos ,but if your a young couple  looking for good nightlife or in your mature years seeking sun and relaxation then Nerja is your spot , a side note Taxi's are an effort to hunt down so always make sure to pre book them if you know you need one or if you've trouble walking . .

It's Idyllic scenery would leave you speechless with the view from The Balcon De Europa , which gives a sea front view and is a central meeting area in the heart of the town , where the locals have there businesses and stands to draw in the tourists with the unique sense of fashion and baskets woven in front of your eyes .  

The church of El Salvador is exquisite  in its architecture and its position , smack in the middle of the busy hustle and bustle people stop in there tracks to see the thousands of brides who cross the doors of the historical place . My sister in law being one of them , Clare stopped many of tourists who photographed her  as she was a beautiful bride .

El Salvaor 

My gorgeous sissy in law

The inside of the church is cool as fans are supplied with Nerja reaching heights of 29 degrees in late September they were well needed believe me was SWEATING .
The ceremony was approx 25 minutes long just enough and then a short walk to the coaches where we were brought to Torre San Juan a great venue with spectacular views for a wedding.

 They would leave your jaw on the ground . After a smooth advance to a delicious three course meal ,  We danced the night away till 4 am where the cool sea breeze was enough to settle us as we got taxi's back to our apartments a mere 10 minutes away . A truly great day spent with fantastic people , I wish my brother and my new sister in law all the happiness in the world

I stayed in the Stella Maris Apartments which were located right on the beech front about 10 minutes walk from the town square . A great price for a clean apartment with private pool it was very quiet so be great for relaxing .  .
Stella Maris 

As the holiday progressed the weather still shinning we got to explore a bit more of Nerja , the shopping in the town is decent especially for make up and perfumes its so cheap compared to home . Fashion is a little bit more tricky but there is a few gems you just have to search plus the jewellery is to die for  so many interesting pieces you would struggle to just buy one. Jut bare in mind most shops take siestas between 2-5pm so you can shop in the mornings and late at night whilst still going to the pool in the evening , its the life .
Coconut Monkeys in town square 

Night life is very energetic our favourite spot was Fitzgerald's or FyyyGs as we named it , an Irish  bar with a pub singer till 1am then that's when the fun began Karaoke till 6 am  in the bloody morning but was worth every second a real sociable bar with lovely staff and great banter .


Another good spot is La Casita , a local man Thomas owns this bar he caters to the clients needs , while having very reasonable prices and a lovely rooftop terrace , located in the narrowest of streets its a lock in job so we will say no more hahaha.


Of course we found a Buskers and a Temple Bar everyone loves the Irish , If you love your cocktails the Buddha bar is the place to go were the jazz up your glass with decorative butterflies .


One of my favourite things about holidays is the FOOD , I am a very plain eater but the food in Nerja was cooked so nice and the prices to eat and drink was for little or nothing .

Pinocchio's , with two different entrances a very busy spot but there Lasagna is worth the wait , Italian based food ,but for a  good dinner before a night out on the tiles it is well worth it . Along with its Pinocchio inspired decor to keep the kids interested.


If you love Mexican Cielito linds is your spot to hit , with never trying Mexican before the staff were so lovely and helped pick a great selection of food which was mouth wateringly good I wish i had of went to it sooner , it brings a lot of life at night time with its lights and festive music , its a must see if you visit here .

Burriana beech is a popular destination located under Balcon de Europa its sand sun and fun all the way , the water is ice cold but when the sun is reaching over 30 degrees its lovely after about 5 seconds :) , the beech offers jet ski's , banana boats and para gliding which I would have loved to do but my family were all too afraid so next time .

Cochran's and Mar Bella bar are good spots to hit as well as the scenery is just amazing and the drinks keep flowing . Overall I would return to Nerja in a hear beat as the culture is lovely , the people are kind plus the food is great , I'm so lucky to have visited there with close family and friends to celebrate two families coming together .

After experiencing weddings done at home and abroad I don't know which I'd personally prefer , your home is your home and Ireland has many beautiful spots to say I do but then a wedding away seems a bit more stress free and gives you a little bit more for your money , But first I need to be engaged before I start thinking of that LOL . who knows might elope :)


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